What We Do

We are committed to providing talking and body-based psychotherapy, training & mentoring which are both evidenced-based and grounded in real-world approaches to diversity.


Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Customised programmes with a special focus on recovery from historic trauma.

Self-Help Tools & Resources

Cutting edge tools & resources for clients and therapists. 

Supervision & Training

Support for mental health practitioners to extend and develop skills.

What People Are Saying

The thoughts of just a few people who've worked with us...

"Each session was preceded by a curious mixture of trepidation and excitement, followed by sadness, relief and achievement after the event. I think it was just such a breath of fresh air to be able to discuss matters openly, in detail and in a relaxed environment.” 


"I must say that the actual feeling of elation I have felt at the conclusion of the sessions and your obvious and infectious enthusiasm for the progress I have made, have all left me with the feeling I can conquer the world.


"Erika has helped me to widen my train of thought, offering guidance rather than solutions, constructive feedback rather than criticism. The knowledge this woman holds is phenomenal, she sees a different angle in every situation." 


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