How Does The Programme Work?

There are a number of components to the Private Practitioner Programme:

1. Live Interactive Training 


The training will be held online via Zoom on Saturdays over a period of 2-3 months. As we’re keen to foster a real and sustainable community, numbers on the course will be limited. The course is designed to be highly interactive, giving you the opportunity to discuss issues and support to develop key systems and documents both during the training and as homework tasks between training days.

Conscious that everyone has different needs, we’re offering access to the interactive training component of the programme as a complete series (a total of 18 training hours) or selected days/half-days. It is possible to sign up for the whole course (Days 1-4), Day Two only or Day Three only. Day Four is not being offered as a separate option at this time.

The syllabus for the live training is as follows: 

 Day One

Why Private Practice?

A  Counsellor Within 

Stress Less Practice

Building Systems

Finding Clients

Referral Channels

Money Matters

Profile Writing

Guest Speaker

 Day Two

Review of Homework

Referral Flow


Initial Consultation



Onward Referral

Case Management

Guest Speaker

Day Three

Review of Homework 

Writing Agreements


Staying Safe

Holding Boundaries





Day 4

Review of Homework

Therapeutic Space

Therapeutic Executor

Data Protection & GDPR



Business Liabilities


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2. Peer Networking     

The programme provides a ready-made source of support through your peers on the training. You’ll be able to share ideas and support each other during the training, between sessions and in perpetuity via membership of a free, peer moderated Facebook group which will be dedicated just to your training cohort.

Use this group to get feedback on profiles, contracts, and other document templates as you prepare them, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, set up peer supervision groups and form bonds that will carry you through the most challenging aspects of private practice.

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3. Guest Speaker Q&A Sessions     

There is nothing as motivating as the success story of someone who is relatable. In addition to Erika's own professional insights, the live training includes two short sessions with practitioners who’ve made the transition to being self-employed relatively recently. They’ll share their experiences and be on hand to answer any questions you have for them.

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Coaching & Mentoring Support

Providing they themselves are in private practice, your supervisor will be well-equipped to provide pointers as to how to manage your newly established private practice. However, the main function of clinical supervision is to provide support for your casework, meaning that there may be limited time to address issues specifically relating to practice administration issues during supervision sessions.

Our coaching and mentoring scheme is dedicated exclusively to providing "light touch" support to help you get your practice up and running.

You'll be able contact us at anytime for email-based support with issues from writing profiles to organising a workflow.

You'll have free access to an expanding library of resources, some of which will be exclusive to you as a paying subscriber.

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