How Does The Programme Work?

There are a number of components to the Private Practitioner Programme:

1. Multi-Media Distance Training 


The core of the training is delivered across three modules, each focusing on a different aspect of building and running a successful private practice that meets YOUR personal needs. Each module is organised into 7 lessons which are available as a video presentation, a downloadable audio file or as web-based text.

Providing the training material in a variety of formats enables you to pick the learning style that best meets your needs or to mix and match, perhaps starting with the video, then listening to the rest of the lesson while driving or doing housework, or taking in the information at speed by reading it. Although packed with information, most of the video presentations are less than 20 minutes in length, ensuring that you stay engaged and focused on your own emerging practice rather than the ramblings of the trainer!

The training syllabus, which has been developed based on research with mentees as to what they actually need in order to be successful is as follows: 

Module 1:
Preparing The Ground

Why Private Practice?
What PP Really Involves
Getting Clients - Direct Marketing
Getting Clients - Indirect Marketing
Getting Clients - Direct Referrals
Money Matters
Promoting Yourself

Module 2:
Stress-Free Private Practice

Initial Enquiries
Client Flow
Assessment &  Consultation
Case Management
The Therapeutic Space
Staying Safe & Other Boundaries

Module 3:
Beyond Our Four Walls

Therapeutic Executor
Data Protection & GDPR
Insurance & Other Issues
Onward Referral

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2. Over To You - Real Tasks to Grow Your Practice     

It's all very well, taking this course or that, but it's a complete waste of time, money and energy if doing so doesn't put you in a better place than before you started.

We're all about action on the PPP programme, so from the get go, we'll have you completing tasks and assignments, some big, some small, but all designed to get you delivering on your promise to yourself to get your private practice off the ground and bringing in both clients and an income.

All but a few of the lessons have an "Over To You" task attached; each task building on the next to get you engaging with yourself, media outlets and ultimately your clients in the most cost-effective and stress-reducing ways available.

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3. No-One Walks Alone! - Support Via Facebook     

The programme provides several sources of ready-made support from both Erika and your peers on the training. Joining the PPP programme entitles you to membership of our private Facebook group"No-One Walks Alone!", which is exclusively dedicated to PPP members.

Use the group to get feedback from both Erika and other members on as you start preparing your directory profiles, assessment forms, contracts, and other document templates; ask questions; brainstorm ideas; set up peer supervision groups and form bonds that will carry you through the most challenging aspects of private practice. 

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4. PPP Monthly - Live Zoom Sessions     

Sometimes you need a little bit more than a Facebook post to get you over a hump or setback. If you have a question that needs answering, bring it along to our monthly live Zoom sessions.  

These 60-minute, non-clinical supervision group sessions (6 months of free access) provide an opportunity to get live support as well as information about the latest trends in private practice across the UK at a time of social and economic change.

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5. In Real Life - How We Set Up Our PP     

There is nothing as motivating as the success story of someone who is relatable.

Originally intended merely as light relief to the substantive training, the input from our In Real Life "talking heads" team has become an integral part of the PPP experience, providing as it does hours of razor-sharp insights from 5 practitioners, each of whom has established their own successful private practice relatively recently. 

Michelle, Alison, Angelo, Amy and Bonnie share their experiences, challenges and triumphs in recorded vignettes that closely match the subjects discussed in many of the course lessons.

They've made the mistakes... so that you don't have to!

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Affordable Continuous Professional Development

Make a one-time payment or purchase in monthly instalments. It's tax deductible too! 

PPP Hybrid Training: Pay in Full

Access to:

21 x lesson presentations in video, audio and text-based formats
14 x 'In Real Life' in video & audio formats
18 x 'Over To You' assignments
PPP peer support & networking group hosted on Facebook
Monthly group meetings hosted on Zoom

One payment of £350.00

Pay in Full

PPP Hybrid Training: Pay in Instalments 

Access to:

21 x lesson presentations in video, audio and text-based formats
14 x 'In Real Life' in video & audio formats
18 x 'Over To You' assignments
PPP peer support & networking group hosted on Facebook
Monthly group meetings hosted on Zoom

6 x £65.00 monthly instalments (£390.00)

Pay in Instalments