7 EMAIL & TEXT TEMPLATES for Counsellors, Psychotherapists & Psychologists Save Time & Reduce Private Practice Admin Stress

 Why do you need email templates to run a counselling or psychotherapy practice?

Once you’re established, running a private practice as a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist can feel like operating a well-oiled machine – if you’re organised that is. The trouble is, in those first few months, there’s so much to do, so much to think about. It’s extremely easy to wear yourself out, chasing your tail as you spend precious time talking to distressed would-be clients that you don’t know how to say goodbye to because you have a session in 5 minutes, or to be searching your memory frantically as you try to remember all the relevant questions to ask a new client during that initial consultation.

What is needed is:
1. A workflow or system that organises each step in the process of client’s first contact to an agreement to work together.

2. Customisable templates for all the key documents and methods of communication you use to implement your workflow.

I believe that it’s vital that we all devise our own unique workflow and documents designed to meet our specific needs in order to avoid becoming souless, but it sometimes helps to have somewhere to start from, especially if you also have a dozen other things to attend to in order to get things off the ground.

While writing content for your own website and adding a profile to online directories and registers are time consuming tasks that can’t really be delegated to anyone else, all your standard documents can emanate from a basic template and that’s where we step in!

This pack of seven email and text templates is comprised of the key documents that I routinely use in managing my own practice for assessing and onboarding new clients.

They’ve saved me a bunch of time and because I ensure that they are customised to reflect the needs of the client they’re being sent to, I’d like to think that they never come across as being out of a cookie cutter.

Six of templates are saved in Word (.docx) format - copy the basic content to your favourite email or texting platform and style it to meet the needs of your own practice. The seventh template, the directions template is a PDF, making it easier to read. You will obviously need to add your own details.


Seven templates are included for the following interactions & events:

• Email Response to Initial Email Enquiry
• Text Response to Initial Voicemail Enquiry
• Response When You Have No Immediate Availability
• Referring On to Another Practitioner
• Invitation to Initial Consultation
• Invitation to First Session
• Relevant Information for First Session


Refunds and returns are not available for digital goods, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.
Please note that while you may print and use these files as many times as you like in pursuance of your work with clients/patients, you may not share, resell, reproduce, distribute electronically or physically, or in any way profit, whether directly or indirectly from these designs which are copyrighted.

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