Waiting List Template Pack


What do you do when you have no space available to take on more clients immediately, but have regular spaces emerge as time-limited work comes to an end?
If you’re organised, you set up a wait list.
What are the risks if you don’t?
You could just take new referees’ name and number and never contact them again because you lost the bit of paper or page that you wrote it on. You could leave it so long, they tire of waiting and find another practitioner. You could both wait until you’re free, then meet and discover that you’re not a good fit to work together.
Using the combination of a simple wait list and a structured system that engages potential clients while eliciting the information you need in order to assess suitability, you need never ‘lose’ a prospective client again!
Our wait list is simple, but effective:

  •  Record key stages in the waiting process, including completion of intake forms, attendance at an initial consultation and signing of a working agreement. 

  • Processes help reassure waiting referees that that they are not forgotten, while allowing you to determine suitability for therapy.

  • Assess at a glance who is next in line and whether there is any paperwork needing to be sent/received by you or the client. 

  • Protect client data using password protection


The template pack contains two versions of the same basic document; .xlsx and .docx for those who prefer to work in a simplified format. Both files are fully customisable, allowing you to curate your own information. For best results, use alongside our Email & Text Template Pack, which contains templates that help progress waiting referees.


Refunds and returns are not available for digital goods, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.
Please note that while you may print and use these files as many times as you like in pursuance of your work with clients/patients, you may not share, resell, reproduce, distribute electronically or physically, or in any way profit, whether directly or indirectly from these designs which are copyrighted.

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