New Client Working Agreement | Contract


Drawing up a clear, fair and comprehensive agreement for therapy/counselling is one of the most important tasks needed to be undertaken when beginning work with new clients. Get it wrong and you may find yourself frustrated, resentful and feeling powerless to do anything about it because ”it’s not in the contract”.

Our working agreement has been developed and refined over three decades of in-person and remote work with clients, so we know that it works and covers most eventualities!

We’ve produced it in a simple Word template, giving you the freedom to edit and customise it to your practice needs as you see fit. Do a super-simple edit, adding your name and fee levels, or go wild and change text, font, colours, add, images – whatever you like!

Send the agreement to your new clients via email, as a form in a web browser or print out for manual signing.

The agreement can also be easily converted to a PDF document for digital signing using a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat or free software such DocFly ( In a few clicks, add signature fields, then send the agreement to your clients for signing, offering them a link to sign in DocFly.


It’s that simple!


Behaviour in sessions
Sobriety in sessions
Session fee level
Fees for report writing
Payment of fees
Review of fees
Client cancellation periods & rates
Therapist cancellation
Provision of relevant information
Contact outside sessions
Work review
Ending therapy


Refunds and returns are not available for digital goods, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.
Please note that while you may print and use these files as many times as you like in pursuance of your work with clients/patients, you may not share, resell, reproduce, distribute electronically or physically, or in any way profit, whether directly or indirectly from these designs which are copyrighted.

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